The Sublease of Mobil-Home

In order to make profitable your holidays, our campsites Le Vieux Port, Lou Pignada and Le Domaine de la Marina suggest you subrent your mobile home residence.

=> Subrenting as things come

In the Domaine de la Marina : we suggest you let your property available for us to rent, without guarantee of any rent, as things come and for a 25 % commission for the campsite.

In the Lou Pignada and at the Vieux Port : we have the same service without guarantee of any rent, as things come and for a 30 % commission for the campsite.


  • The mobil home must be as old as our own rentals, meaning less than 10 years old for the year being.


  • The campsite is in charge of finding your future tenants.
  • We take care of the reception of the customers, the delivery of keys, the deposit as well as the entrance inventory without you being present
  • A contradictory departure inventory will be done by our staff and any missing or deteriorated object by the tenant will be charged to him.
  • Regarding the furniture, the household electrical appliances (fridge, microwave, coffeepot, broken light bulb), the replacement of the empty gas bottles, as well as the repairs requiring an intervention of our technical teams, all those expenses will be then at your expense
  • The cleaning will be done by our staff without any cost for you

For further information, please contact us at +33 (0)6 28 02 05 18.