Mobile Home Buying Guide

  • Acquiring a mobile home is THE solution to combine the charms and amenities of camping with the comforts of a second home. Here is a buying guide to help you out in your project and a FAQ.For any further information, we invite you to contact us .
It is as important to find a pitch in the campsite that meets your expectations as to find the mobile home of your dreams. The mobile home is classified as a residential leisure home, among the owners in our campgrounds, it’s a great source of pleasure.
You can buy a mobile home :
=> new or second hand on pitch in one of our three campsites partners => new or second hand (called « to take away ») to move to another campsite or at home (after obtaining prior authorization)..

We offer you pitches in each one of our three campsites partners :

=> The Domaine de la Marina , 4 stars campsite, situated on the beach south of Messanges

=> The Airotel Le Lou Pignada, 5 stars campsite, located 1km from the beach south of Messanges

=> The Airotel Le Vieux Port, 5 stars campsite, located right on the ocean, at the beach south of Messanges

You will find the New Mobile Homes that we offer for sale, we have agreements in partnership with four French brands IRM, O’Hara, Trigano and Rapid’Home.

In the first place, it is important that you set the frame you want for your holidays :
do you want to find a quiet place to stay? A more family surrounded place? A very busy and animated place? What atmosphere? Do you want direct access to the beach? What equipment and services do you want to enjoy during your stay (swimming pools, water park, games, parties, supermarket, restaurant, snack bar, wellness center and spa, equestrian center, shops, etc)

in your home :
The law prohibits the installation of a mobile home on private property without permission. However, this may be permitted upon express approval of the mayor, during the construction of a house for example. In all cases, we highly recommend you contact your local council to find out about your rights. Transport costs are at your charge, we can send you a price offer if you give us the final destination.
In another campsite :
Make sure the campground you are considering accepts mobile homes from the outside. Transport costs are at your charge, we can send you a price offer if you give us the final destination. Discover all our second hand mobile homes to take away .

This is a difficult question since there are so many different mobile home, layouts and equipments of all kinds, and considering it also depends on your budget.
For choosing the right mobile home , it is essential to assess your needs. Asking yourself the right questions will lead you to finding the right answers.
It depends on the number of people who will stay in your mobile home. If you have a big family or if you host often, better opt for a three bedroom. If you receive occasionally, better opt for a two bedroom and during visits, the sofa will do just fine for extra bedding.

There are two major trends of layouts : the central lounge and panoramic view .

The mobile homes are often with a central lounge layout, allowing to have separate space for kids’ bedrooms and parents’ bedroom. The living areas of each are well respected.

The panoramic layout dissociates day life and night life. It provides extraordinary brightness in the living / dining room. It is ideal on a pitch with beautiful views.
There are also mobile homes with the entrance overlooking the kitchen. This is very enjoyable if you like cooking and you have a large deck – the terrace remains the preferred place to live while vacationing.

Some mobile homes offer 2 bathrooms, which allows to preserve the privacy of the owners when they receive guests.
Manufacturers of mobile homes now offer extraordinary and very modern interiors. Wide openings, design furniture, comfortable bathrooms, wide choice of colors, comfortable beds, numerous and clever cupboards, reinforced insulation.
The mobile homes are well equipped: the models in the upper comfort range benefit from a wide range of upscale equipments and are pre-equipped for dishwasher and / or washing machine. Models of the more lower range are slightly less equipped but many options are possible (shutters, oven, etc.).
We’ve also established a collective TV network on our 3 campsites (Domaine de la Marina in 2013) and offer you to connect your mobile home (There’re a total of 32 channels, among which 20 in French). The installation cost is set at 940 euros per location. The campsite contributes up to 250 euros so the final cost for you amounts to 690 euros all tax included. Once installed, a network maintenance fee of 50 € is requested annually.

We have at your disposal a exhibition park with 12 different models in display.

Our counsellors will guide you in your project and answer your questions.
Take an appointment with them calling at 33. (0) or via e-mail with our request form.

The exhibition park is located at the entrance to the campsite Le Vieux Port, on the right side after the sports fields.
=> Off Season : monday to friday, from 9am to 12am and from 2pm to 5pm – by appointment on weekdays.
=> in July and August : everyday from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm.
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