Frequently Asked Questions

  • You still have a few questions without an answer ? Our Frequently Asked Questions section will explain all you need to know before buying your mobile home.
    For any further information, feel free to contact us.
The owner doesn’t pay any local tax or property tax. The only tax to pay is the tourist tax established by the municipality of Messanges who benefits from it. This tax is now included to your annual fee.
The average purchase price of a mobile home is between 20 000 and 60 000 euros.
All prices displayed are key-in-hand: we take care of the transport from the factory to the campsite, we install the mobile home on the pitch you selected, reassemble all the furniture. We take care of all the connections (water, electricity, TV network if asked). We test the mobile home fluid equipment with a propane tank, but then you must buy one or two in any supermarket or gas station in order to be self-sufficient. We initiate the water heater and have the installation approved by certified inspection company (APAVE or other). Then we clean inside and outside the mobile home for the delivery. A company comes and sets up the wooden deck with or without railings, as per the dimensions written in the order.
Prices of second-hand mobile homes include installation, connections and all the equipments of the mobile home according to the product description, and a wooden deck floor. You can request the installation of a high wooden deck, with or without railings (contact us for the rates).

Being you the owner, you provide us with a list of persons who will then have the exact same rights as you do : family members or friends – they can stay in your mobile home without any extra costs, and enjoy all the activities and services offered by the camping: swimming pool access, access entertainment and parties, etc.

Besides, those wishing to visit you in your mobile home for the day may do so but in no case shall they be allowed to sleep on site, to access services offered by the campsite (Aquatic area, animations, etc. ..) or enter with their vehicle inside the campsite.

We have set up the option for you to subrent your mobile home . We manage the booking, welcome the customer, hand over the keys, clean, do the inventories vs. a commission. In fact, this prevent you from doing many trips for arrivals and departures of customers. This is a simple way to make your holiday profitable and absorb all or part of your annual fee and / or mobile home purchase.
You are not allowed to rent your mobile home on your own, or to promote it on the net or any other written means of advertising nor to apply your own rates. Rates are set by the campsites direction only, Le Vieux Port, Lou Pignada and Domaine de la Marina exclusively.
The campsite is open from late March to late September, you can enjoy your mobile home during this period. However, outside these opening times, the campsite is closed to customers, the water is off as well as electricity. You can come spend the day if needed to go around the mobile home, work or do some renovations or other things like cleaning and maintenance, but in any case you can not spend the night.
You are actually required to provide an insurance for your mobile home, whether with a contract type “caravan” or with a contract type “individual property”. We advise you to insure your mobile home against the everyday risks like fire, glass breakage, water damage, electrical damage, bad weather. The cost varies from 60 to 200 euros depending on your insurance contract and on your insurance company. We can provide you with the services of the insuring agency that the campsite works with, they are specialised with this type of installation.
You must also provide an annual certificate for the control of your water heater by an approved establishment.
No, day visitors don’t pay anything, not even a tourist tax. However, they can not use the equipments or the facilities of the campsite (including swimming pools and collective showers).
The contract authorizes the installation of an awning or a pergola installation made with a removable metal frame and equipped with a fire retardant fabric. This awning must be removed annually when the campsite closes. The installation of a garden shed is prohibited.
The mobile homes are under manufacturer’s warranty, 1 to 3 years depending on the brand and the model that you chose. The second hand mobile homes are sold in the state they are and are not guaranteed. However, our customer service is often implemented to ensure you have a successful installation in our three campsites.
The annual fee is fixed and independent of the size of your mobile home or pitch that you have chosen.