Argus des Mobil-Homes

There is an existing rate called argus on second hand mobile-homes as per cars or caravans.

Here are some tips to help you sell or buy at the right price.

  • On which data is based this “argus” rate for second-hand mobile-homes?

Based on professionals business deals, this rate takes into account the percentages of devaluation applied to prices of new mobile-homes.

A mobile home usually loses 30% of its value the first year, 15% more in the second year and 10% the third, and then 7% for each additional year.

Note : other parameters are also taken into account in the resale price!

The general condition of the mobile home and the value of the site on which it is located (in the case of a resale on a campsite pitch) are also important.

In addition, remember that like any transaction of used equipment, market prices fluctuate up or down, depending upon the supply or demand. The period during which you buy or sell can have a real influence on the future price.